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2019年,对于LICO力高设计和创始人钟良胜先生而言,是非常不同寻常且意义重大的一年。这一年,为了使LICO获得更进一步的发展方向与成长思路,钟良胜先生放下手边所有的工作与疑虑,毅然奔赴上海,参加了PINKI EDU品伊国际创意美学院的招牌课程《设计美学领导力导航班第23班》的学习充能,也是在这个课程上,我结识了钟良胜先生。同年,LICO经历了14年来的第三次乔迁,搬入惠州惠城区万林湖L2-1栋,团队完成了LICO OFFICE从建筑、景观、空间到工程、软装全统筹的所有工作,力高新办公室顺利落成。作为品牌创始人的钟良胜先生想要带领LICO进入全新发展阶段的心愿与决心已然十分强烈。

2019 is a very unusual and significant year for Mr. Zhong Liangsheng, the design and founder of LICO. This year, in order to enable LICO to gain further development direction and growth ideas, Mr. Zhong Liangsheng put aside all the work and doubts at hand, resolutely rushed to Shanghai, and participated in the signature course "Design Aesthetics Leadership Navigation" of PINKI EDU International School of Creative Beauty. The learning charge of "Class 23" was also in this course, and I met Mr. Zhong Liangsheng. In the same year, LICO experienced the third housewarming in 14 years and moved into Building L2-1, Wanlin Lake, Huicheng District, Huizhou. The team completed all the overall planning of LICO OFFICE from architecture, landscape, space to engineering, and soft decoration. Completed smoothly. As the founder of the brand, Mr. Zhong Liangsheng has a strong desire and determination to lead LICO into a new stage of development.


In 2020, during the Great American China·Yellow River Aesthetics Tour organized by the college, Mr. Zhong Liangsheng and I were arranged to travel in the same car. Therefore, we were able to have a few hours of in-depth exchanges and discussions. The core design concept of LICO "50% DESIGN" is exactly the point raised by Mr. Zhong Liangsheng in this conversation, which touched me very much. After that, we were invited by Mr. Zhong Liangsheng to chat late at night in the new office of LICO Huizhou. This communication gave me a deeper understanding and cognition of LICO. As a designer, Mr. Zhong Liangsheng is more "paranoid" and more "detailed" in dealing with professionalism and production than most demanding and standard designers; the design thinking of client projects is often released in the details of daily life experience. Emotion, if I were his client, I think I would be touched by his design; treating the team is like a collection of brothers and coaches. The work is extremely rigorous and meticulous, but the team atmosphere is very relaxed and warm.


Over the past eleven years, we have been in contact and understanding with design leaders and entrepreneurial designers from all over the country. DRD believes that Mr. Zhong Liangsheng and LICO’s design concepts, works and even Ligao’s brand culture should be recognized by more customers, peers, and society. Knowing, it should become a business card and a banner of Huizhou's design industry. Mr. Zhong Liangsheng and his LICO are bound to become the best model and predecessor of the younger generation of designers who silently adhere to professional ideals, respect and love professionalism, dedication and sincere consideration for customers in this era full of temptation, anxiety, and impetuousness. Action force.



In December 2020, Mr. Zhong Liangsheng formally confirmed the annual consulting service cooperation between LICO and DRD’s brand system reshaping.


From December 2020 to December 2021, DRD provided LICO with a one-year annual consulting service for brand system reshaping.


The service content includes: LICO brand history combing and review, LICO brand strategic positioning, LICO brand strategic concept system creation,Systematic consultants design content such as the creation of LICO brand symbol system, the creation of LICO brand reach system, and the content planning of LICO brand projects.


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LICO Design, established in 2005 in the strategic hinterland of the Greater Bay Area and the hub gateway city of Huizhou, is a branded housing product and innovative quality ideal life design service brand in the Greater Bay Area, with innovative design thinking, high-quality engineering quality and professionalism The service quality is famous. LICO, which means "face" in Slovenian, is in line with the Lico brand's high degree of pursuing the business philosophy and design philosophy of "action and creation". Strength means ability, efficiency, and doing our best, which is called action; high means notion, dimension, and the need to create new heights, which is called innovation. LICO believes that innovative, aesthetic, and spiritual design solutions are only 50% of the "design" work system, and the reduction, energy efficiency, and guidance of design execution are the other 50% of the "design" work system. 


For more than ten years, LICO has designed and adhered to the role of "creator of ideal life" and uphold the brand's core value proposition of "creating an ideal life of high quality". Always take "customer experience and evaluation" as the starting point and end of the design work, adhere to the "50% DESIGN" design philosophy, focus on the construction of the space function of the ideal life, the transmission of aesthetic perception, and the creation of lifestyle, which is the brand housing enterprise and quality Life needs customers provide the "ideal life full case", and strive to help customers with contemporary quality life needs in the Greater Bay Area realize their vision of "ideal life". 

擅长服务领域:品质房产品 \ 品质私宅 \ 品牌商业 \ 文旅民宿产品 \ 城镇旧改等

Good at service areas: quality house products \ quality private houses \ brand commerce \ cultural tourism and homestay products \ old town reforms, etc.

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